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Kala review

Posted bhaskar On 08 Jun, 2018 11:19 AM at Illuru,Khammam

WTIMES SOUNDTRACK REVIEWS CAST 4 of 6 5 of 6 RATINGS 3.5/5 The Indian Express 2/5 3/5 Telugu News - Samayam AUDIENCE REVIEWS Varuna Organics Posting publicly. What do you think about this movie? Review menu icon Diaries Of Karthik 11 hours ago Rajinikanth Kaala Movie Review: An intense masterpiece in disguise! Disclaimer: I can guarantee this movie is not everyone's cup of tea but it is my solid cup of black coffee. This review, like all my other ones, is purely a personal opinion. So, read and take a call for yourself. About the movie: Where should I start!? Where do I even start..!! I just came out of a 3 hours long intense movie with hard hitting story and performances. And I'm searching for words to describe the experience. I always say, for a book or a movie or anything else, an engaging narration is more important than the story itself. A good engaging narration is all that is needed to make a movie even with routine and average story a good watch. Many films and books over the years proves this. But what happens when there is a really good plot and good narration?? Then the movie becomes a great watch. Kaala was same for me. I was in awe of the way Pa.Ranjith has narrated. PA.Ranjith was always known for his subtle storytelling method and intense drama. Take Madras or Kabaali, he never deviates from the plot he wants to narrate and slowly builds drama around it. Though Kabaali was a box office dud, it had its own highs and lows. Before the movie release, it was tough to imagine a superstar as an untouchable slum leader fighting for their rights and as a head of a lovely joint family with character artist Eshwari as his wife. But boy oh boy! I was shocked that I didn't get to see Rajini on screen, instead I could only see Kaala.. Karikaalan.. It was written that well by Ranjith and acted equally well by Rajini. When you have a hero with unmatchable euphoria and a villain known for his ultimate acting skills, it is easy to go overboard and make some nonsense stuff on screen (happened in Kabaali), but Ranjith made sure that every character only behaved as per his story. I appreciate the way he wrote and handled the dynamics of major characters, such subtlety and novelty. The last movie I remember Rajini doing such a role that didn't care about his image was Dalapathi. Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Almost every scene in the movie was written to perfection, placed in right sequences and made with jaw dropping intensity. Dialogues are on par with the script quality and there were some hard-hitting ones that make you think. Though there were few unnecessary scenes that might have made the movie a bit too long but why should I complain when I witnessed an awesome output. Music & Background score: Santhosh Narayan is one of the finest music directors of thus generation, period. This wasn't his first and this won't be the last time that he rocked and elevated every scene in the movie. Rap songs in an Indian mainstream film, take a bow man you are awesome. Rajinikanth Kaala Movie Review, Overall: I'm a big big fan of drama genres as they tend to concentrate on storytelling through characters than creating commercial scenes. And Kaala is one such wonderful story & character driven film. It was on par with Dalapathi and The Godfather (1972). It is a must watch if you are fan of drama genres. Also don't expect to see the stylish old Rajini, instead you get a rugged old man creating havoc on screen.

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